SuttonBeresCuller: Panoptos

As a momentous finale to Vortexhibition Polyphonica, artists SuttonBeresCuller will create an interactive installation that will invite viewers, both on-site and online, to engage with the Henry’s collection in an entirely new way. For the Henry’s East Gallery, the three artists will select an array of paintings, prints, photographs, and other 2-dimensional works from the museum’s collection that the Henry team will install “salon style,” covering the walls floor to ceiling. In front of this multi-faceted presentation, a custom-made apparatus will transport a high definition camera along the x- and y-axes of this grid-like installation. The project continues in a viewing room in the Stroum Gallery. There visitors can steer the camera remotely, selecting and zooming in on the details of any work of art in the East Gallery. The close-up views are projected in this space and then uploaded to the Web for many others to see. Over the course of the exhibition, visitors’ viewing selections will be tracked and recorded to form a culminating, and cumulative, work of art.

This ambitious installation provides viewers with unusual opportunities for objective and subjective interactions with art. SuttonBeresCuller’s proposition not only encourages us to look at art differently but asks us to think critically about what and how we see in the museum and through digital online media. Their project will form the backdrop for programs to discuss issues such as the mediation of art and vision through technology, privacy and surveillance in our wired world, and other provocative questions.

Organized for the Henry by Associate Curator Sara Krajewski. This artist project is made possible with generous support from the Harpo Foundation.


One comment on “SuttonBeresCuller: Panoptos”

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