Lend Your Voice

In music, polyphony (from the Greek πολύς /po΄lis/ many and φωνή /fo΄ni/ voice) is a texture consisting of two or more independent melodic voices, as opposed to music with just one voice (monophony) or music with one dominant melodic voice accompanied by chords (homophonic).

Please feel free to contribute to Vortexhibition Polyphonica here if you are inspired  by objects on view. If you have questions about the exhibition, the Henry’s collections, or objects on view, submit them on the Question-phonica page.
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16 comments on “Lend Your Voice”

  1. On Sean Dack’s Untitled #9: At first glance lush and soft, the anonymous woman’s cheek looks like the shine of an orange, but close up it looks like a wet windowscreen or simply some pixels.

  2. I was in the galleries Saturday afternoon speaking to teachers participating in the educator workshop. The exhibition was filled with visitors, many taking notes in notebooks. What were folks up to? Was this for a class? I would love to know what your impressions were.

    Sara Krajewski, Henry Associate Curator

  3. I wonder if the GSRs might know!

  4. The “Cherry bomb vortex” is incredible. I know the exhibit will be changing, but I hope that it stays for the duration.

  5. Dude one: Isn’t that sweet?

    Dude two: Yeah dude.. that’s fucking sweet.


  6. i saw a group of 50 Roosevelt High kids yesterday.
    Fingers pointing wildly – eyes big – voices filling the gallery.
    too cool.

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  8. I really love the way you folks are exploring your permanent collection. The Henry defines innovation!

  9. oh my! has anyone else gotten up close to the Han and Manchu slipper shoes? check out those stitches! those layers of fabric! those colors! i’ve never seen anything so perfect,i could get lost in those details for hours.

  10. […] from a blogger who read abut it in The Seattle Times. In the polyphonic spirit of this exhibition we are interested in drawing commentary from a number of different voices, so we were excited to see interest from a new avenue of […]

  11. Amazing exhibition. The inclusion of some of life’s artifacts, granted probably not everyday life, is fabulous. Art is not just a painting or a sculpture. Very nice choices all the way around.

  12. the poetry and art of milton rogovin is makes the heart weap….it brings to light a question i struggle with so much….should i embrass the suburban life with money, cars, private schools, busy work weeks, divorce, and half ass parenting or should i get out and help others….those who cant even imagine that suburban life….to live for others and give my life maybe to gain it….but do i really want to let the parents down

  13. I love henry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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